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Watch Winder Box 4+6 - Ebony and Gray Carbon Fiber

Sku: EBNCF023146
AED 750.00
AED 850.00
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Brand: Luxury Watch Winder

Product Description:
Watch Winders for Men's and Women's Watches with 4 Winding Positions and 6 Storage Case

The watch winder has 4 modes for different automatic watches:
  • Clockwise Mode
  • Counter-Clockwise Mode
  • Clockwise + Counter-Clockwise mode
  • Non-Intermittent Clockwise + Counter-Clockwise Mode
LED Illumination, easy to use at night:
  • Built-in Blue LED Illumination
  • With a separate LED light switch, you can turn ON/OFF
Excellent Pillows:
  • The watch winder comes with soft and flexible pillows with a unique design fitted for different size watches
  • You can fit your watch to the pillow horizontally or vertically according to the band size. Men's watches can fit on the pillow vertically, and women’s watches can fit on the pillow horizontally

Package Includes: 1x Watch Winder 1x AC Adapter 1x Key

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