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Lojel Spinner Trolley 21-PP12-Voja Collection.

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Lojel Spinner Trolley

Lojel Spinner Trolley

Brand: Lojel
Color available: Brick red, Warm grey, and Ink blue
Size: 21"



  • One large latch, a combination lock, and two smaller slider latches sound like a lot to get through. the three-point lock system is easy to open, while also providing superior security for your items.
  • Our dual-wheel system was designed for durability and control. Rotating seamlessly at 360 degrees, these wheels deliver a smooth glide and a stable standing position.
  • Whether separating shoes from garments, or dirty clothes from clean, organize your belongings efficiently with two large chambers and three smaller zippered pockets.
  • Flatten the top of your suitcase by folding this retractable handle back into its body with this handy release mechanism.
  • The Voja is exceptionally durable compared with most suitcases. Its sturdy shell is less prone to cracks and dents typically caused by the force of impact.
  • The Voja is made from our proprietary polypropylene blend—meaning: it’s nearly indestructible and, unlike standard formulas typical of most suitcases, won’t get scuffed up with white marks. Avoid having to replace or mend your ripped bag with our TSA-Approved Combination Lock.



LOJEL is a global brand for the global traveler that seamlessly blends innovation with design and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand aims to enrich the lives of modern travelers by actively seeking solutions focused on the wayfarer’s journey and designing from the perspective of the traveler.

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