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Lojel Spinner Trolley 26 -1627-Cubo Collection.

Sku: SC-843486100143
Shahab Stores Branch
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Lojel Spinner Trolley

Lojel Spinner Trolley

Brand: Lojel
Color available: Black, Burgundy, Off white, Mustard, and Rose
Size: 26"



      • Increasing capacity by more than a meager inch, this system offers extra give whether you didn’t quite repack with the same efficiency or purchased more items than you intended.Our dual-wheel system was designed for durability and control.
      • Rotating seamlessly at 360 degrees, these wheels deliver a smooth glide and a stable standing position.
      • Our zipper design is more compact than most and features uniquely woven threads. The result is a system that is less exposed to abrasion and increased security, so you can feel confident your belongings are sealed.
      • The Cubo is encased by an outer shell made from textured polycarbonate.
      • This engineering thermoplastic is resistant to heat and cold while also being impervious to the white scratches commonly seen on high-traffic bags.

LOJEL is a global brand for the global traveler that seamlessly blends innovation with design and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand aims to enrich the lives of modern travelers by actively seeking solutions focused on the wayfarer’s journey and designing from the perspective of the traveler.

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